Backup Broadband

For businesses who cannot afford to lose internet connectivity

With the advent of cloud computing, most businesses rely on having an ‘always-on’ internet connection.

These connections also support your remote workers connecting back to the office, or systems that you host from your own on-premises machines.

We offer solutions to enable you to switch external connections in the event that your main connection fails, utilising the different types of connectivity, including fixed wired, and wireless solutions.


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Keeping you online 24/7

Using a couple of options, we can keep you running even if your main connection fails

Second Line Install

When you order your main broadband, we’ll work with you to determine if it’s cost-effective for you to have a second fixed line, for example, if you take a leased line, we would suggest that you have an FTTP or FTTC line available as well, just in case of a failure.

Already have a main connection? No problem, we can work with you to get a second line installed and get you set up for failover.

Wireless Services

Where we can’t get a decent second solution for a wired service, we work with partners to provide a wireless solution, this provides a true multi-path service, meaning that if a digger goes through the cables in the road, you still have a reliable and available connection to the internet.

4G / 5G Connection

For businesses where capacity isn’t a massive issue, we can arrange for a 4G or 5G connection to be added.

We have a couple of ways to do this, if the signal in the area and inside your building is good enough, we can use routers with this system already built in, and where we can’t get a good signal inside, we’ll use an external antenna to pick up a solid signal and use this as your backup line.