Installations and Relocations

Making moving simple for your business

Moving can be stressful, let alone needing to consider moving your IT and associated equipment.

We can help you install new equipment and cabling, or move your existing kit, with the use of our specially selected partners, chosen because they care about moving sensitive equipment without causing any breakages.

We’ll support you each step of the way, and will work around your schedule to ensure things are all in place exactly when you need them to be.


Let's have a chat

To find out more about how we can help you and your business, get in touch and we’ll arrange a no obligation audit, or just have a chat about where we can assist.

Is your business on the move?

We offer both new installation and relocation services

New Installation

Bought new equipment, or getting your first office? We can help with the installation of cabling, equipment, wifi, and much more.

We use trusted partners to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively whilst ensuring that the quality delivered to you is better than you expected.

If you have existing premises and are expanding, we can replicate how you already have things at your new site if needed, we’ll give you a free audit as part of the process when we get started.


Moving within the same building, or moving entirely? We can assist with taking your kit wherever you need it and getting it set back up, including temporary broadband when needed.

We work with a removals partner that specialises in delicate transport care and we have a dedicated team to ensure that everything is connected and installed exactly as it was at your previous location.

We can also help get things temporarily set up in your new place if your needs call for it, including temporary broadband, and the setup of temporary networking, etc.