Cyber Security

Protecting your critical systems and data from harm

Businesses have more data than ever, and this makes them a target for criminals looking for a payday.

With Rightside IT’s CSaaS offering, your business stays protected by industry-leading software and analysts, whilst not breaking the bank.

If you become a managed IT client, we’ll automatically include our partner Xcitium’s cutting-edge security detection and prevention software as part of your agreement.


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Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection

An industry leader in detection and prevention, utilising patented virtualisation technology to keep you safe

Xcitium EDR (formerly Comodo) is a leading endpoint protection system using patented technology to keep your devices safe.

Using ZeroDwell technology, unknown files and applications are run in a container and tested using Xcitium Verdict Cloud in real time before being allowed to run directly on a protected device.

Rightside sees all the reports and outcomes of scans to help protect our clients 24/7/365, and because we’re connected with Xcitium’s cloud, we get all the latest on threats found globally.

Add more depending on your needs

Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway – Protect your devices even when not in the office. Using DNS-based security to block malware, phishing, C&C Servers and to control web browsing policy on and off the network, adding another layer of protection above the EDR suite.


Xcitium Secure Email Gateway – An integrated security solution for all email providers using a sophisticated array of spam filters, antivirus scanners and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering your network.