Hosted Telephony

No more bulky PBX taking up space in your comms room

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems have become the standard for businesses around the world, due to the flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the solutions available.

We offer a fully hosted solution using the latest in VoIP technology to get you a system that is sized appropriately and easy to manage.

If you need more, such as webinar and meeting functionality, live chat, and much more, we also offer a 3CX Phone System solution.


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Making telecoms simple for you

A fully managed phone system that just works, we’ll take care of everything

Cloud Hosted

No need for that bulky PBX, or a dedicated box taking up space in your comms room, our solution is fully hosted in the cloud using tier-1 providers to ensure your system is always online.


Connect to your system both in and out of the office, using a traditional desk phone, apps, and mobile without the need to VPN back to a central location. And because the system is managed in a browser, changes can be made on the go.


Hosted within the cloud, our dedicated team keeps your system secure following best practices, and we monitor for any issues 24/7.

Your system is yours, we use a dedicated instance for each customer, so your data remains in your hands.

Includes Lines

We can also provide the SIP lines, calling plans, and phone numbers if you need us to, we also work with a plethora of suppliers so if you already have this, we can get it connected to your new system easily.